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2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve - $19.95 

An extended growing season in 2010 produced a CABERNET SAUVIGNON that achieved full maturity and flavor.  Growing grapes on our surrounding hillsides produce intense, concentrated fruit whose diversity is truly tied to the earth and temperate climate of our region. 

Our 2010 CABERNET draws attention to these unique qualities - to a sense of place.  Two years of barrel aging in French Oak, hints of wild cherries and blackberries create a brilliant ruby red wine with an explosively savory and fruity spiced finish that will compliment any occasion.

To order please email here or call (905) 563-6521

Our RED TRILLIUM RIPASSO wine remains in contact with the pomace of the Appassimento for about ten days creating an easy drinking medium-bodied Appassimento Wine.

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